Irish Setters

Irish Setters are from Ireland and these dogs are special to people that like Irish Setters.  They are very pretty dogs.  Irish Setters can live up to fifteen years.  They can get cancer and that is not good for them.  They can die from cancer, and don’t let that happen to any dog.

I want an Irsh setter because they are talented, and I saw a Gordan Setter at a park.  Irish Setters are not easy to walk or train.  The owner has to be the boss, and they have to teach them lots of tricks.  The owner has to teach them how to sit, stay, lay down, or wait, and these dogs can hunt ducks and other animals, too.  They can also swim.

If you see an Irish Setter that is hurt, take her to the vet.  When she is healed, they will put her in a cage to be adopted.  When she gets a home, she will begin a new life with a new family.

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